The cold chain system facilitates the safe movement of perishable goods from point to point. However, compliant processes are unachievable unless operators have the instruments to accurately measure temperature, humidity and other parameters across each link in the chain.

Testo Australia offer measurement solutions designed for every step, from transit to transport to storage, developing safer and higher-quality cold chain infrastructure processes.


Perishable goods are passing through more hands, and are governed by more quality and safety standards, than ever before. A recent South Australian study referenced by the Australian Food and Grocery Council found local broccoli took 39 steps along the cold chain. From agricultural production through to consumer end-purchase, the goods involved a surprising 23 different operators.

More people involved in the process heightens the chances of compromised quality, and the need to meet a range of standards makes the instruments used to monitor perishables vital.

TESTO 184 T3Testo's 184 T3 can log up to 40,000 temperature values. 

Testo's 184 T3 temperature data logger offers an all-in-one solution to ensure each business involved in product processing and transit does so in compliance with safety and quality standards. The testo 184 T3 has a capacity of 40,000 temperature measurement values and a battery life of 500 days, with this data clearly viewable on the LED screen for instant checks. Users can download this stored data to a computer for detailed pdf reports on transit temperature conditions, giving operators a better idea of food condition.


There are nearly 50,000 registered road freight businesses nationwide according to the Australian Industry Standards' report on the transport and logistics industry. The number of freight enterprises involved in transporting products between sites indicates the scale of the cold chain network in Australia. It also indicates the task facing operators transporting food or pharmaceuticals while trying to maintain safety compliant conditions.

TESTO 104 IRThe testo 104 IR enables infrared and probe temperature checking. 

The testo 104-IR infrared & probe thermometer is a comprehensive solution for operators who want to check the temperature of stored goods. The infrared part of the thermometer is ideal for assessing surface temperatures, while the probe is used for checking core conditions (with minimal superficial damage to the product).

The large, easy-to-read display gives assessment teams everything needed at a glance and Testo's 104-IR is housed in an IP65 rated, waterproof unit to reduce the risk of damage. This ensures freight operators are always abreast of how safety and quality compliant their vehicles are.


Once perishables have been transported to commercial sites for sale, these goods still need to be stored in chilled environments to maintain quality before they are moved to a retailer. Cold storage and warehousing is a $5 billion industry directly employing nearly 18,000 people in Australia according to IBISWorld research. This massive capacity is to accommodate the increased number of goods being processed and transported around the nation. However, this storage also increases the need for more accurate temperature logging and analysis.

TESTO SAVERIS 2Monitoring temperatures is essential to cold storage success.

If refrigeration equipment breaks down, the quality of perishable products can quickly degrade to a point where the goods are unusable or unsafe. The testo Saveris 2 Wi-Fi data logger is the ideal solution to integrate into blast chiller or cold room facilities, offering automatic temperature monitoring and a smart alarm system.

Operators first preset the ideal parameters for their storage. Testo's Saveris 2 assess any variances outside your ideal temperature range and alerts you when conditions will start to have a negative effect on stored items. This gives operators a convenient and reliable way of ensuring all goods are safe before they are transported to their next location.

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