Who is Orthocell?

Orthocell is a world leading regenerative medicine company dedicated to the development of breakthrough products for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. It takes pride in being able to unlock the power of the human body to heal, restoring mobility, function and performance.

The challenge

To meet the rapid increase in demand for Orthocell products, the manufacturing facilities required upgrade and expansion. The testo Saveris system offered flexibility, ease of expansion and an adaptable user platform which made it an attractive choice for the project.

Given the range of products manufactured at Orthocell, a comprehensive monitoring system capable of providing real time data of a variety of environmental parameters was essential. The products are manufactured and stored at a variety of temperatures. If any parameters exceed the acceptable ranges, being able to access this monitoring data remotely allows Orthocell to make real time decisions
to ensure the continuity of their manufacturing processes and guarantee the safety and efficacy of their products.

The solution

They now have monitors installed throughout the facility which display a site map with sensors to monitor critical equipment and rooms. This makes it easy for operators within the laboratory and cleanrooms to see if any parameters are in alarm and act accordingly. The testo Saveris system has allowed to streamline the operation’s procedures thanks to the system’s 21 CFR 11 audit trail capability. Orthocell has been able to move from a largely paper based system to a fully online, and GMP compliant system. “We can now rest assured that all actions and measurements are captured in a comprehensive report and can be called upon at any time.” says Adam Cias, Manufacturing Manager at Orthocell.

Benefits to Orthocell

In the past, only a single user was able to receive alarm notifications by SMS.

“With the upgrade to the testo Saveris system, now multiple users can receive notifications via email and SMS. This feature made it possible for us to react swiftly to a recent facility wide power failure. Multiple personnel were notified at the same time and the resulting coordinated response saved 15 years’ worth of stored patient cells and millions of dollars’ worth of product.

Technical support is readily available and very comprehensive. The communication from the support team
at Testo was second to none. If there was an issue during the installation of the system, a quick phone call was all that was required to get the implementation back on track.

This ensured that someone like myself, with no real applications knowledge in the field, was able to install, commission and operate the system with ease.” Adam highlighted.

Support from Testo

If your operation would like further details about this specific project or have requirements for a customised automated monitoring system, please reach out to Testo via email at info@testo.com.au or by contacting (03) 8761 6108.

We thank Adam Cias for producing content for this Testo Reference.