Industrial sites and manufacturing operations rely on a range of electrical sensors and transducers to ensure automated processes run accurately. Measuring and testing the performance of these devices is therefore crucial to optimising operations.

When analysing the electrical parameters of a given piece of equipment it's essential to be certain of the accuracy of the instruments being used to test this equipment. That's where calibration services play a major part in business processes.

What electrical measurement instruments do technicians use day-to-day?

Electrical technicians use a range of measurement solutions to test electrical parameters, including:

  • Multi-meters (numerous factors including voltage and pressure).
  • Clamp meters (electrical circuit impedance).
  • RCD/GFI testers (testing for a device's electrical safety).
  • Earth testers (earthing resistance).
  • Portable appliance testers (for on-the-go electrical devices).

This list doesn't account for the full line of testing instruments that cover every element of electrical performance.

TESTO ELECTRICAL CALIBRATIONTesting electrical measurement instruments regularly is essential for improved precision.

How do I ensure my electrical measurement devices stay accurate?

Electrical calibration analyses the ability of units under test (UUTs) to record parameters like:

  • Voltage.
  • Current.
  • Resistance.
  • Inductance.
  • Capacitance. 

Parameters such as voltage and current are important to measure accurately.Parameters such as voltage and current are important to measure accurately.

UUTs performance is compared to precise testing instruments with thoroughly known characteristics. This way a servicing team can perform calibration adjustments to the UUT, reducing the risk of measurement inaccuracy.

What Testo's new Electrical Calibration Services offer the market

Electrical calibration is still a fledgling element in the manufacturing and industrial sector here. Testo's new offering provides customers with a long-standing problem, a new solution and a way to optimise operations while still maintaining calibration servicing schedules. Our team calibrates and performs diagnostics on a wide range of electrical measurement instruments, ensuring nothing is missed as you secure operational accuracy and efficiency.

Testo Australia's new Electrical Calibration capabilities greatly expands the potential of our team, allowing us to offer a more comprehensive service to customers nationwide, existing and new. The offering has been refined in the British and European market by Testo, meaning our Australian clients gain all the benefits of a thorough and professional calibration service for electrical measurement instrument without any risks.

Here's a summary of our competitive pricing:

Part Number Description Pricing
(Ex. GST & Freight)
Service Offered
T 760 Multimeter Calibration $99.00 Calibration
T 770 Clamp Meter Calibration $99.00 Calibration
T 755 Current / Voltage Tester $ 79.00 Calibration
T 750 Voltage Tester $49.00 Calibration
Simulated Thermocouple
– 250°C to 2316°C
T 755 RCD Testers $49.00 Testing Only
Insulation & Continuity Tester $29.00 Testing Only
T 745 Non Contact Tester $29.00 Testing Only
Pricing Valid until 31st December 2019

Want to learn more about Testo's new electrical calibration offering and our competitive pricing on a range of service options? Contact our calibration team today for help.