Every electrical tradesperson relies on their toolkit to complete each job. Some of those tools have remained in essentially the same form for decades, while others receive regular incremental updates to refine their functionality and effectiveness.

The digital age has significantly impacted electrical equipment in many areas, but some of the biggest innovations are happening not within the traditional toolbox, but in the pockets of tradies. Smartphone and tablet connectivity is a new frontier that builds on the existing functionality with some impressive new features.

Testo's smart tools leading the way

Recognising the potential in smart device connectivity, selected Testo products have now been upgraded into new, smart models. To help people get started with Smart Probes, we have collected the most essential items into three unique starter kits:

  • VAC: With four tools for modern HVAC technicians, the testo Smart VAC Set is the ideal combination of functionality. Comprised of the 405i thermal anemometer, 410i vane anemometer, 605i thermohygrometer and 805i infrared thermometer has the essential instruments for measuring, balancing and optimising performance in ventilation systems.
  • Heating: The testo Smart Heating Set gathers the devices needed for heating engineers to carry out important measuring tasks – the 115i clamp thermometer, 510i differential pressure measuring instrument and 805i infrared thermometer.
  • Refrigeration: Containing pairs of both the 115i clamp thermometer and 549i smart pressure meter, the testo Smart Refrigeration Set helps technicians measure high-side and low-side pressures, as well as temperatures of AC and refrigeration systems.

In addition to the tools enclosed within, each of Testo's smart tools sets comes with the handy Smart Case, ensuring your equipment is well protected and always there when you need it. Each of the individual components are also available separately – including the Smart Clamp Meter, Smart Air Probe and Smart IR Thermometer.

Connectivity with the Smart Probes app

While they are excellent items on their own, the true value of the range of smart tools comes when they are connected – via Bluetooth – to the accompanying testo Smart Probes app. Available on both iOS and Android, the app allows users to quickly create and send measurement reports, with job numbers and locations, comments and imagery attached if required.

Logging and plotting data has previously been restricted to the desktop, but with the Smart Probes app users can now create spreadsheets and graphics from wherever they are, right on their smartphone or tablet. For a better look at the Smart Probes app, watch our video below.