A number of organisations in Australia exist in industries where closely monitoring temperature is essential. From horticulturalists growing fruit and vegetables for local and international consumers to pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses conducting research and development on the medicines we need, there is a vast array of professions reliant on refrigeration.

Even a small disruption can be disastrous to temperature-sensitive products and materials.

Given the sophistication of refrigeration systems required in these organisations, technicians must have the tools and ability to regularly test and maintain equipment. Even a small disruption can be disastrous to temperature-sensitive products and materials. 

Testo has analysed the needs of refrigeration technicians and gathered together its most valuable tools into a useful, one-stop solution – the Smart Refrigeration Set.

What's included in the Smart Refrigeration Set?

Once you unzip the Smart Case, you will see Testo's most useful measuring instruments for A/C and refrigeration maintenance conveniently packed inside:

  • testo 115i Smart Clamp Meters: Designed to provide flow and return temperature measurements for heating systems, the 115i Smart Clamp Meter allows for easy, accurate calculation of superheating and subcooling. Detection of temperature changes is provided via a simple graphical progress display on the instrument itself, with more comprehensive measurements transmitted over Bluetooth to the Smart Probes mobile app. The Smart Refrigeration Set contains two testo 115i devices.
  • testo 549i Smart Pressure Meters: Measuring both high and low pressure, the 549i features a wide measuring range from 0 to 60 bar and hose-free application to ensure refrigerant loss is minimised. Simple installation and automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures complete the package, making the two 549i instruments included in the set intuitive and efficient.

Connecting with the Smart Probes app

While the four instruments in the Refrigeration Set may seem simple on first glance, it's their ability to connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth that gives them the 'smart' moniker. Testo's Smart Probes app – available on Android and iOS devices – functions not only as a screen for reading measurements from up to six connected Smart Probes, but offers additional features such as timed and multi-point mean calculation, volume flow configuration or pressure drop tests.

Incorporating popular digital technology into our traditional measuring instruments is a huge step forward for Testo, and with the Smart Probes mobile app and our new generation of connected tools, technicians have access to a new level of convenience and effectiveness.

Take a look at our infographic below for more details about the Smart Refrigeration set and the accompanying app, and speak to one of our experts today about smartening up your tool kit.