It's a smart world and we're all living in it. Not only does smart refer to that device in your pocket that you use every day, but it also refers to the clever ways in which we interact with those devices.  

Our tools have revolutionised the way HVAC technicians and facility managers do their job smarter. Here are tools that make this possible.

Smart refrigeration measurement 

Refrigeration/air conditioning systems and heat pumps need to be precisely monitored otherwise contents within could spoil or damage. Digital tools not only give a more precise temperature reading, they can also alert the proper party when something is off, minimising damage. Here are some of the tools:

testo 550 – Refrigeration gauge

testo 557 set – Digital refrigeration gauge with vacuum probe

testo 115i – Clamp thermometer

testo 549 i – High-pressure measuring instrument

testo Smart Probes Refrigeration set

testo Smart Probes AC and refrigeration test kit

Smart air conditioning measurement 

Temperature and humidity can affect the quality of both goods and human well-being, therefore it needs to be monitored closely at all times. Testo's range of products can help stay on top of measurements and feature an easy to read display so everyone can analyse them. Here are the tools to help you:

testo 420 – Air flow hood

testo 410i – Vane anemometer 

testo 405 i – Thermal anemometer 

testo 605 i – Thermohygrometer

testo 805 i – Infrared thermometer

testo Smart Probes VAC set

Smart air heating measurement

Indoor air quality measurements are of the utmost importance. Should a certain gas be at a wrong percentage, it could risk the well-being of all those in the premises. Digital tools can catch imbalances before they become a bigger problem. Here are the tools that can help:

testo 330-2 LL – Flue gas analyser

testo 115 i – Clamp thermometer

testo 510 i – Differential pressure measuring instrument

testo 805 i – Infrared thermometer

testo Smart Probes Heating set

testo 330-2 LX anniversary set – Flue gas analyzer (O2, CO H2-compensated) with printer in a system case

testo 330-1 LX anniversary set – Flue gas analyzer (O2, CO) in a system case

Smart thermography 

Managing a facility is a particularly difficult environment, but thermography allows you to detect problems within systems that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see. These instruments allow you to better monitor your facility so you can proactively fix things and work more efficiently. 

testo 868 – Thermal imager with App

testo 871 – Thermal imager with App

testo 872 – Thermal imager with App

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