Thermal imaging camera technology has evolved quickly from the cumbersome, expensive solutions of the past, and nowadays they have become an essential part of the HVAC technician's tool kit. Allowing users to more accurately pinpoint issues in heating and air conditioning systems, these devices improve efficiency and help you deliver a better service to your customers.

Whether you are looking to upgrade existing tools or invest in your first thermal imaging device, there are a number of options available. Choosing the right camera can be a challenge, so what are the key features you should be looking for?

Image resolution is a key concern when buying a thermal camera.Image resolution is a key concern when buying a thermal camera.

Get the best images possible

With any camera – whether thermal or not – resolution is perhaps the most critical element. A higher pixel count makes your imagery clearer, meaning it's easier to diagnose any problems in the system and formulate the correct plan to address them.

Typically the higher the resolution on a thermal imaging device, the more expensive it will be – more advanced sensor technology carries a higher cost. Testo's range of thermal imagers helps more budget-conscious customers, with a variety of devices from our entry-level testo 865 (160 x 120 pixels) to the premium testo 872 (320 x 240 pixels). Each instrument also features integrated SuperResolution technology, using software to double the resolution.

Each Testo thermal imager features integrated SuperResolution technology.

Optimal thermal sensitivity

When performing maintenance on an HVAC system, even minor variations in your measurements can affect your ability to successfully diagnose and repair problems. Having an imaging device with more precise thermal sensitivity can make a huge difference to your next maintenance job.

For users working on HVAC systems only occasionally, or on less-complex systems, the testo 865 can visualise temperature variation of 0.12°C. As you progress through our devices to the higher-end models, however, this sensitivity becomes more effective – 0.10°C with the testo 868, 0.09°C with the 871 and 0.06°C with the 872 for the most precise measurements possible.

High resolution and precise sensitivity are two of the most important features to consider when purchasing a new thermal imaging device, but Testo's new line offers an array of further functionality. The 868, 871 and 872 also feature Bluetooth connectivity with our accompanying smartphone app, making reporting of your measurements simple and intuitive.

Speak to Testo today about your thermal imaging needs, and our expert consultants will recommend the ideal device to make your HVAC maintenance tasks easier.