The average Australian household spends around $4,900 a year on eating out, according to Intermedia's 2017 market research report. Just last year there were over 85,000 options of places for Australians to dine, expecting that each establishment is up to code.

Numbers like these means there's a lot at stake for all those involved in Australia's food industry, but especially so for the food inspectors.

Testo's range of food safety products are ideal for carrying out reliable audits.Testo's range of food safety products is ideal for carrying out reliable audits.

When you're testing quality, you need quality tools

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) ensures that good food safety practices around storing, handling and preparing food are in place in each of those 85,000 establishments and their suppliers via comprehensive audits. Specifically, it has food inspectors covering:

  • Hazard analysis; 
  • Identification of critical control points;
  • Defining limit values of critical control points;
  • Creating and implementing efficient monitoring;
  • Specification of corrective measures;
  • Documentation of production;
  • Definition of self-monitoring obligation.

It's important these audits are conducted with reliable tools, as they are responsible for ensuring that the Australian public is only served quality food. Faulty or inferior instruments risk endangering the health and safety of the entire country, and when a country dines out around three times a week, you can only employ the best. 

Testo's instruments improve food inspector audits

In order to make sure food inspectors are carrying out trustworthy audits at the critical points, they need to use state-of-the-art technology approved by the HACCP. Testo has a range of instruments that measure external temperatures during transport and storage such as the testo Saveris 2 or the testo 175. This range also includes measuring internal temperatures during preparation and service, like testo 104 IR and testo 103. Here's a rundown of each:

  • testo Saveris 2 allows you to wirelessly monitor temperature and humidity in storage spaces over a long period of time.
  • testo 175 measures temperature, humidity and dew point via a probe data logger sending the data to your PC so you can monitor the information from anywhere. 
  • testo 104 IR is your thermometer to measure temperature and food safety checks via a high-precision two-point laser that scans the surface temperature measurements without touching the food. 
  • testo 103 is a mini probe thermometer ideal for measuring for temperature and ensuring hygiene quality standards are met. 

To learn more about how Testo's instruments can help you conduct a quality audit, contact our team today.