Testo Australia's brand is built on supplying leading-edge monitoring solutions for applications in industries as varied as food preparation to emissions monitoring. No matter the parameters, be they temperature, humidity or light, Testo can provide an innovative instrument to suit your operations.

But many don't realise we offer even more than that – the Testo service team can head a range of improvement projects for your organisation, advancing value-added skills such as temperature mapping, equipment validation and onsite training.

These make up the core of what Testo's service team bring to table, so let's take a deeper look.

1) Temperature mapping

Medical testing and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities need to strictly control all environmental conditions. Goods produced can become compromised with even a few degrees Celsius' variance, so maintaining temperature consistency is key.

The Testo team can provide temperature mapping analysis of storage units, blast chillers and refrigerators, creating a comprehensive picture of where temperatures fluctuate and determining the best method for stabilisation. Solutions include data loggers, monitoring systems and temperature measuring strips – it all depends on the needs of your organisation.

This service offers users peace of mind that pharmaceutical goods are being produced in safe and compliant conditions, reducing the risk of a fault end-product for consumers.

Testo Saveris 2The testo Saveris 2 can help users generate a complete temperature map of their facility.

2) Equipment validation

Having onsite equipment to manage the various temperature and data logging requirements in your business isn't the same as having the right instruments. The only way to ensure your solutions meet national and international regulatory standards is by evaluating performance against another expert calibrated instrument.

Formal equipment validation involves our team identifying and examining a given instrument's critical quality attributes and process parameters. From there, we can identify operational risks and calculate the likely impact of equipment failure down the track. This offers business insight into potential improvements and confidence they are actually benefiting from their monitoring solutions.

TESTO EQUIPMENT VALIDATIONTesto's service team can validate the accuracy and performance of all equipment.

3) Onsite training

There is a reason the old adage about teaching someone to fish feeds them for life is still popular to this day. Giving technicians the capability to assess and analyse the function of their monitoring instruments is essential in saving time, money and downtime while waiting for a third party.

On-site training is a cost-effective solution, particularly for small businesses, as it gives employees all the skills they need to operate and check monitoring solutions accurately. Our training team delivers personalised learning experiences for your enterprise's unique needs, offering hands on experience for attendees to learn the ins and out of any Testo product.

We aim to continuously expand our service offerings for customers to ensure we can add value to every facet of your business and at any stage in your development. For more information about what the Testo service team has to offer and what your business needs to succeed, reach out to us today.