Complex refrigerant testing and monitoring requires technicians to use industry-leading gauges to guarantee accurate results. Without the aid of sophisticated digital instruments, technicians lack the efficiency to perform their roles to a high level.

Testo’s 550 digital gauge is already a popular solution amongst our customers in the refrigeration sector. This is thanks to its ability to instantly test refrigerant data and generate operational reports. However, this instrument can be made even more effective with the complete testo 550 manifold kit, available with with Bluetooth and filling tubes. Our new promotional offer on these additional accessories guarantees more value for money on the single testo 550 gauge and gives technicians a complete solution encompassing every technical need.

The benefits of Testo’s 550 digital gauge

The testo 550 digital gauge offers a host of features to make recording and analysing refrigerant data seamless:

  • The gauge is equipped with 60 built-in refrigerants. It’s also capable of measuring high/low side pressures and temperatures while displaying saturation and evaporation rates.
  • Bluetooth integration with the Testo smart device app means technicians can remotely monitor and generate refrigeration equipment data. It also means users can send reports and invoices via email to other devices.
  • Rugged housing with the metal frame around the display ensures the instrument is protected from any impact.

These and the other innovative features of Testo’s 550 digital gauge make it the perfect one-stop-shop for all refrigeration testing and data monitoring.

What does the testo 550 digital manifold kit add?

The extensive accessories provided inside the testo 550 digital manifold kit make it a sensible investment in and of itself. This extended set packages all of the great features of Testo’s 550 refrigeration gauge with additions that include:

  • A set of three filling tubes
  • Two clamp temperature probes.
  • A robust transport case.

These accessories ensure that operating the testo 550 refrigeration gauge is easy. The clamp temperature probes make measuring surface temperatures more accurate, while the filling tubes are suitable for all common refrigerants.

testo 550 digital manifold kitWhat does the testo 550 digital manifold kit offer in addition to the gauges amazing benefits?

Increase your value for money

We are now running a limited time promotion on Testo’s 550 digital manifold – the instrument set normally costs $640, but we have reduced prices by nearly $100. That means refrigeration technicians can now access testo’s 550 kit for just $550. Technicians are now within reach of a total solution for all refrigeration equipment testing and data monitoring. The 550 for $ 550 offer ends 20th May 2019

Ready to experience the amazing positives of the testo 550 digital manifold kit yourself? Simply contact the Testo Australia team today.