Choosing a digital refrigerant monitoring gauge is an investment in the future of your refrigeration and heat pump systems. Any issues can not only compromise stored goods, but also result in significant downtime and lost productivity.

Industry leading data logging instruments are therefore decisive to improving technicians’ refrigerant monitoring ability. Now operators can do this in four simple steps when investing in and setting up the testo 550 digital manifold kit.

1) Starting the testo 550 digital manifold kit

Testo’s full manifold kit includes the testo 550 refrigeration gauge, three filling tubes (each 1.5 m long, 45 degree angle and 55/275 bar, suitable for most common refrigerants), two clamp temperature probes and a robust carrier case. Operators just need four AA batteries to get their new, innovative monitoring and data logging solution up and running.

2) Setting up the Testo’s 500 manifold instrument

The testo 550 digital manifold kit offers quick, accurate measurement of both high and low pressure with two temperature-compensated pressure sensors. This means technicians can quickly determine evaporation rates and temperature levels, aiding more accurate equipment assessment.

3) Customising the digital display

The digital display offers technicians a simplified way of monitoring refrigerant data when compared with analogue instruments. At a glance, operators can assess the condition of a piece of refrigeration equipment and store this data on the Testo Cloud for future reference. This saves time, and means technicians can also access this information anytime from the Testo Smart App.

4) Selecting your measurement mode

Testo’s 550 digital manifold kit can store up to 60 refrigerants at once, covering all the most vital data sets required in common refrigeration equipment testing. Dual temperature inputs with the attachable temperature probes also allows operators to simultaneously calculate superheating and subcooling data.

Investing in a testo 550 digital manifold kit

The Testo Australia team is committed to supporting refrigeration equipment technicians in the digital age with access to leading, cost-effective solutions such as the testo 550 digital manifold. That’s why, for a limited time only, this refrigerant monitoring instrument set has been reduced from its regular retail price of $640 to just $550. Technicians can save nearly $100 on a solution that reduces time spent on data logging, expenses and the chance of mistakes or miscalculations down the track.

Want the testo 550 digital manifold kit for your operations? Contact the Testo team today.