Businesses across industries rely on testing and monitoring instruments for successful operations. From food preparation to heavy industry to equipment servicing, datasets are only as useful as the accurate benchmarks they’re measured against.

Technicians can only generate an idea of how precise their testing and monitoring solutions are by regularly calibrating these instruments against a known accurate data. That’s where Testo Australia’s Calibration Services are critical for producing useful measurement values.

Bull’s-eye – Producing accurate data through calibration

Assessing the accuracy of your operational datasets is like playing a game of darts. Imagine the bull’s-eye  to represent the ‘true’ or most accurate data reading possible you’re testing for. Achieving results from your own testing and monitoring instruments close to this value is important to seeing if the equipment you’re testing is actually working.

However, it’s also important to assess data precision, as this can also indicate something is wrong. To return to the dart board analogy, if all of your readings are close to the true result (bull’s-eye), but are not closely aligned to one another, it can indicate you need to service or upgrade your testing and monitoring solutions.

Calibration accuracyAccuracy is how close your data is to a ‘true’ value; precision is how close your results are to one another.

Comparing the accuracy of data generated against an industry-standardised reference instrument offering a true data value affords operators peace of mind that operational equipment is working accurately. But the importance of calibration, especially in the digital age, goes beyond just a once-off reading. Using advanced data logging solutions, leading calibrators measure accuracy over time in detailed reports. This informs a more proactive approach to instrument maintenance and servicing.

After your equipment calibration, the Testo team logs all information in our automated filing system for a record of all work done. This dataset can then be used to send reminders about when your next instrument calibration is due and what patterns appear over time.

What parameters can Testo calibrate to?

Testo offers Calibration Services for numerous testing and monitoring parameters, including:

Temperature – Our team provides in-house and onsite (for Victorian customers) calibration for:

  • Thermometers and infrared temperature measurers.
  • Immersion, penetration and surface probes.
  • Data loggers.
  • Thermal imagers.
  • Temperature transducers.

Our calibration centre can produce temperature sets from -30 degrees up to +650 degrees Celsius, meaning we can aid enterprises in industries as differing as the cold chain to industrial operations.

Humidity calibrationHumidity calibration is vital in a number of industries. 

Humidity – We offer in-house and onsite (for Victorian customers) calibration for hydrometers and humidity data loggers capable of logging air levels between 5-95 per cent. Checking on humidity is critical in industries such as art conservation (to reduce the risk of item rotting or deterioration).

Pressure – Testo’s Calibration Services team can assess manometers and refrigeration equipment monitoring instruments checking pressure between 0-40 bar.

Velocity – Anemometers and air flow hoods play an important role in ventilation systems maintaining suitable air flow and gas levels in buildings. Our team can calibrate velocity measurements between 2.5 and 10 metres per second.

Light/lux – Measuring light levels helps when storing goods sensitive to light, such as priceless artworks and film reels. We can help with in-house calibration of lux measuring instruments.

Sound – The Testo team helps to guarantee more accurate sound testing datasets with calibration servicing for instruments capable of logging sounds between 94-114 decibels. 

Combustion gas – Gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide all contribute to ambient gas levels. Data on these conditions are essential knowledge for IAQ technicians and emissions monitoring testers, which is why Testo’s Calibration Services are crucial.

Electrical calibrationElectrical calibration focuses on instruments such as multimetres and RCD testers.

Electrical – Our in-house calibration of electrical data logging parameters such as current and voltage is decisive in the work in a broad range of sectors. In fact, any businesses that use machinery in their operations can benefit from electrical calibration of solutions such as:

  • Multimeters and clamp metres.
  • Current and voltage testers.
  • RCD testers.
  • Insulation and continuity testers.
  • Non-contact testers.

Calibration affects all businesses everywhere – so for more information on our services, why not give the Testo team a call today?

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