There are three unique devices in Testo's family of clamp meters, all of which are fully capable of meeting the needs of the modern electrical professional. For the highest performance possible, however, only the testo 770-3 offers the full complement of innovative features.

If you demand the absolute best from your measuring equipment, the testo 770-3 has all the functionality to get the job done easily and efficiently.

The testo 770-3 is the most advanced clamp meter available.The testo 770-3 is the most advanced clamp meter available.

Functional design for difficult locations

The need for the unique grabbing mechanism of a clamp meter stems from the challenges often associated with non-contact measurement of tightly packed electrical cables. One of the defining features of the testo 770 series is the fully retractable pincer arm, allowing maximum accuracy when isolating cables. With one disappearing completely into the unit, the remaining pincer arm is free to hook the cable you need with little difficulty.

Adding to the ease-of-use in particularly tight situations, the large two-line display features a backlit screen, ensuring visibility no matter where you are working. As the premium option, the 770-3's display allows for resistance measurements of up to 60 MΩ and capacitance range of 60,000 μF, significantly higher than the device's siblings.

Only the testo 770-3 offers the full complement of clamp meter features.

Bluetooth connectivity with Smart Probes

In our quest to build the most effective tools for electricians, Testo has recognised the value people get from another common tool – the smart device. Bringing the two technologies together through Bluetooth connectivity, the Smart Probes iOS and Android app is an excellent addition to any electrician's kit.

The 770-3 is the only clamp meter that features the Bluetooth option, allowing electricians to connect other Smart Probes-compatible equipment to their clamp meter to access a host of innovative features. Once the 770-3 and app are linked, all relevant measurements can be easily sent to your smartphone or tablet, able to be displayed in list, graphic curve or table format. 

Reporting of measurements is also greatly improved thanks to the Smart Probes app. You can monitor fluctuations and trends, and record and send them as an excel sheet. Also, the app features the ability to create and send PDF reports complete with a picture of the measurement location, collating data from as many as six smart probes at one time.

Testo has a range of electrical measurement equipment to meet your needs, but for the best clamp meter available, speak to us today about the 770-3.

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