We've recently spoken about the importance of regularly servicing your measuring equipment, ensuring the most accurate readings possible even with older tools. To make regular maintenance scheduling easier for HVAC professionals, Testo has lowered the service and calibration price for its popular testo 310 flue gas analyser and 320 low-cost gas analyser.

Until the end of 2017, service and calibration for the testo 310 will be reduced to just $174 (plus GST), while the testo 320 price will fall to $249 (plus GST). There's never been a better time to let us check up on your gas analyser devices.

Sending your testo 310 for service just became more affordable.Sending your testo 310 for service just became more affordable.

What is included in service and calibration?

As is the case with all of our measuring instruments, when your testo 310/320 is sent for service and calibration, our team of specialists run the device through a number of diagnostic tests. Should any issues be identified through our comprehensive analysis, they will be addressed in a timely fashion. As part of regular service, we will also update software and firmware on the device as required, so your equipment is always running at an optimum level.

There's never been a better time to let us check up on your gas analyser devices.

With regards to the gas analysers specifically, occasionally it's a smart idea to replace the oxygen sensor in the unit. Any parts that need replacing do incur an additional cost on top of the servicing fee; however, the reduced price for 2017 applies here as well. To service, calibrate and replace the O2 sensor on the testo 310, the cost is now $330 (plus GST). For the testo 320, the same work costs $409 (plus GST).

Maintaining your equipment for maximum value

Our records show that only around one-in-five testo 310 owners have sent their devices in for service and calibration, and approximately one-third of 320 owners. While this is a testament to the reliability of Testo's equipment, failing to have your tools checked by our specialists can result in inaccurate measurements or other issues down the line that could have been prevented.

By making our service and calibration offering more affordable, we hope that more customers will take the opportunity to keep their equipment is optimal working order. The discount applies to any 310 and 320 devices submitted to Testo directly, as well as our network of distributors and resellers. Get in touch today for more information.

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