Australian summers are usually a cause for celebration, a time of year when BBQs with family and friends dot the calendar and daylight savings hours allow the majority of us to get more out of the day.

For workplaces around the nation however, keeping employees comfortable can become a challenge as the temperature rises. While looking out the window at the sunshine may make us wish we could escape the office for seasonal leisure time, the reality is we must keep working, regardless of the weather. To make the workday bearable, businesses often rely on air conditioning, a necessary expense that can really pile up.

The need for functional air conditioners

According to Canstar Blue, Australians estimate that cooling appliances are responsible for almost a quarter of their electricity spending. For a sprawling office, that expenditure can grow to some troubling numbers, so having an air conditioning unit that is functioning correctly is essential for keeping costs down.

Locations that have their air temperature managed by outlets and ducts in the ceiling can be difficult to measure and maintain, and having technicians working around the office may disrupt productivity. In an effort to make air conditioner testing as non-invasive as possible, Testo has developed the 420 range of air flow hoods.

The testo 420 and air flow hood eases air conditioner maintenance. The testo 420 and air flow hood eases air conditioner maintenance.

Key features of the testo 420

Designed for easy, efficient use, the testo 420 measures flow velocity of your air conditioning system, as well as volume flow, absolute pressure, temperature and relative humidity. By affixing the device to a suitable air flow hood and attaching at outlets in your ceiling, a serviceperson can accurately asses airflow and ensure air quality guidelines and stipulations in ventilation and air conditioning systems are met.

Testo offers several variations of air flow hood to match whatever air conditioning configuration your office has, with accessories like the telescopic tripod stand making a technician's job even easier. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity with an accompanying iOS and Android app enables users to control the testo 420 remotely, and take readings from the device on the smartphone or tablet.

The primary objective of your office air conditioning is to provide a comfortable working environment for employees, but that doesn't mean you can't save on your energy usage. With the help of the testo 420, optimising the efficiency of your system becomes easier. Take a look at our video below for more information:

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