When measuring electrical current, there's a high chance you'll find yourself in situations that are less than ideal. If using an electrical measurement tool that operates with a clamp mechanism, this process has the potential to pose a serious risk to safety. This is because traditional clamp meters use a standard pincer-style clamp, making close cabling difficult to manoeuvre. 

To address these issues and provide customers with innovative electrical measurement tools, Testo has released a new range of electrical instruments. Introducing the testo 770 family of clamp meters – the first of its kind thanks to a revolutionary new design.

Narrow spaces are no longer an issue

The testo 770 features one of the largest display screens on the market.

For easy operation in restricted or confined spaces, the testo 770 is equipped with a stand-out clamp design. The Testo clamp mechanism features a moving leg that slides inside the instrument, forming a hook that prevents the user from having to physically touch cables themselves. 

The device also has one of the largest display screens on the market, providing clear and visible measurement results every time. Estimated to be almost 50 per cent larger than competing product screens, the testo 770 features a two-row display for both voltage and current. 

A reliable tool for important processes

Reliability is a strong feature of the testo 770 family, with the entire series promoting inrush current measurement. When starting a motor, a higher-than-normal level of current flows through the system for a brief amount of time. With the inrush functionality, this high level of current can be measured accurately every time. 

The 770-2 and -3 are also equipped with the ability to measure flame rods. As flame rods are found in every gas-based heating system, checking these rods is a crucial task for heating contractors. By incorporating this functionality into the 770-2 and -3, heating contractors can rely on a single device over a collection of tools for each process. 

The testo 770 range features a unique clamp design.The testo 770 range features a unique clamp design.

Electrical measurement re-designed

To further this point, the testo 770-3 includes Bluetooth abilities, allowing the measurement values to be analysed directly through a smartphone application. This can let you to send reports to a client, presenting the customer with values exactly where they are needed. 

Testo has released a new range of revolutionary electrical products. To discover more about the testo 770 family and other electrical measurement devices, reach out to Testo today