For an HVAC technician, having a tool that offers all the functionality needed for day-to-day applications is greatly beneficial. As voltage, current and resistance measurements account for roughly 70 per cent of daily HVAC technician operations, having to travel back and forth for additional tools can be frustrating. 

Not only does having to switch tools take up valuable time that could be spent pursuing other jobs, but relying on multiple tools means you're spending more on equipment – and there's an inherently greater risk of failure in your devices. 

We at Testo recognise the need for an instrument that HVAC engineers can rely on. As the first current and voltage tester of its kind, the testo 755 range meets these requirements with the automatic detection of all measurement parameters – voltage, resistance and current.

The testo 755 provides automatic measurement detection, eliminating the possibility of selecting the wrong measurement type.

Voltage detection without battery power

In accordance with electrical standard EN 61243-3:2010, all voltage testers need to detect voltage without battery power. The testo 755 is equipped with a special red LED, allowing you to rely on safe and accurate voltage results every time. 

A standout feature of the 755 range is that the current and voltage tester does everything automatically. Both the testo 755-1 and -2 devices provide automatic measurement detection, eliminating the possibility of selecting the wrong measurement type.

This automatic recognition activates when a current exceeds 6 V, with the 755-1 and -2 measuring voltage to 600 and 1000 V, respectively. 

Measuring current in an electric cabinet or on an electric heater may often require an HVAC professional to work in confined or poorly lit spaces. With the addition of a built-in flashlight, the testo 755 family can reduce the dangers that accompany these situations, giving you confidence in all of your electrical measurement processes. 

Replace only what is necessary

Just as the inclusion of current measurement can help HVAC engineers save money when purchasing vital equipment, the removable and replaceable test leads that are included with the testo 755 family can help reduce business costs.

When the tips of test leads become damaged or worn, ordering an entirely new tool simply doesn't make financial sense. Testo designed the 755 current and voltage tester with removable test leads, eliminating the need for costly replacements should they become damaged over time. 

The testo 755 offers the automatic detection of electrical measurements.The testo 755 offers the automatic detection of electrical measurements.

To learn more about the testo 755 family, or for information on our revolutionary new range of electrical products, get in touch with Testo today.