The Internet of Things (IoT) offers far more than just a buzz phrase for modern businesses. Working within a digital environment that facilitates seamless data collation and exchange can fundamentally shift how employment roles work. Its effect on boiler servicing is a good example of the possibilities available to technicians with advanced digital instruments connected in a smart ecosystem.

Monitoring boiler system performance

Many major industrial processes rely on the thermal power of boilers to drive production. Accurate and continuous heating system performance analysis is therefore invaluable to technicians when servicing or maintaining equipment. This deeper insight into key data parameters can inform improved boiler operation in numerous ways:

  • Tangible performance data can lead to developing a tailored servicing schedule, ensuring maintenance work is only performed when needed to save costs.
  • Improved maintenance work also helps to build out a preventative servicing plan. This reduces the risk of unplanned operational downtime.
  • Insight into boiler performance can also reduce the risk of technician injury. Digitally accessible servicing records allow individuals to analyse if safety could be compromised through any action taken.
The testo 300 offers unparalleled ability to export and share boiler system performance data.The testo 300 offers unparalleled ability to export and share boiler system performance data.

Further to these benefits, boiler maintenance in an IoT-optimised environment allows service people to easily access and exchange data from any location and on any smart device. For example, a technician servicing a boiler in one location can share performance results with another at a different site instantly. Technicians would also be able to access important information when needed from any device. This can be used to:

  • Monitor ongoing problems in a given heating system and track the effects against other boilers.
  • Analyse the performance of a given site.
  • Test compliance data of several heating systems across multiple sites.

IoT-optimised boiler servicing adapts the role of the technician to drawing insight from crucial performance parameters, removing the need for time-consuming manual data recording. This means workers will be able to spend more time on value-added tasks such as creating tailored heating system maintenance plans. 

Testo's 300 flue gas analyser works best when digital connected with other smart devices.Testo's 300 flue gas analyser works best when digital connected with other smart devices.

Why the testo 300 instrument is designed to work in an IoT environment

Testo's new 300 flue gas analyser offers a totally new solution to monitoring boiler and heating system functionality. In the past, data processing was a manually performed by the technician with analogue instruments. Even when digital solutions replaced many outdated instruments, flue gas analyser s were still based around the same functionality. The testo 300, however, is designed future-ready with customer ease-of-use and data sharing in mind. Its connectivity and data processing features cannot be found elsewhere, making the solution one of a kind in the market.

Testo's 300 gas analyser makes this possible with key features such as:

  • Customisable menu and reporting options. This allows users to collate and present information in a way that suits them, be it as a graph or in a data table. In turn, this makes it quicker and simpler for technicians to draw accurate insights from readings.
  • Boiler gas emission parameters and other essential statistics are never more than a click away from access. With the Testo app, users can access reports from their personal smartphone or computer – all it takes is an internet connection. Additionally, reports can be downloaded to other devices from the analyser itself, removing unnecessary administration. 
  • This unparalleled functionality comes with out-of-the-box use in mind. Testo's 300 instrument requires little training to master, meaning technicians can do more in less time.

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