It’s critical that heating system technicians are across data such as draught, pressure and differential temperature when performing routine maintenance and servicing. To maximise insight, operators need leading flue gas analysis instruments.

The new testo 300 solution is the ideal fit for any application, offering a range of compelling features that give technicians unparalleled access to all operational data readings. Here are three unique selling points and 30 amazing benefits of Testo’s 300 gas analyser.

Flue gas analyserTesto’s new 300 analyser solution is the ideal fit for any heating system servicing project.

The unique selling points

1) Turnkey functionality

Out-of-the-box solutions may be ideal for time-sensitive projects, but often don’t offer the specific functionality required to suit the range of projects technicians deal with. Testo’s 300 gas analyser offers the best of both worlds, including a range of customisable features allowing operators to work their own way with minimal start-up time or training required. Additional probes, connectable with three gas measurement sensors, also make switching between recording different gas parameters easier and saves technicians even more time on day-to-day tasks.

2) Smart data reporting

Manually compiling and processing heating system data is the way of the past – Testo’s 300 instrument automates the process to reduce the chance of misrecording information. Users can generate detailed reports accommodating measurement data and customer information within Testo’s analyser instrument. This data is customisable for anyone using the solution, meaning operators can generate an easy-to-read data report that suits them. All information can be transferred between devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or archived within the testo 300.

Flue gas analyserThe testo 300 can be customised to different project application and data reporting styles. 

3) Customisable administration

The main benefit of the digital age for gas measurement is the ability to personalise a device’s functionality. Testo’s 300 flue gas analyser solution continues this with unique menu presentation options. When booting up the Testo solution, technicians can choose their own startup menu structure and way of presenting data. This can be customised on a project-by-project basis to more clearly differentiate between heating system readings. Users can also manipulate recorded parameters as time goes on to present information in a graph or table.

Just 30 amazing benefits of the testo 300 solution

1) Five-inch HD screen for data readings at a glance. 11) Responsive sensors capable of measuring gases at 4,000 ppm. 21) Integrated Bluetooth interface for seamless data transfer.
2) Scratch-proof glass protected by exchangeable protective film. 12) Longer service life thanks to automatic sensor protection. 22) Report emailing and exchange through Wi-Fi.
3) Smart-Touch control based on leading mobile software. 13) Integrated magnets for easy adjustment during the measuring process. 23) Instant wireless printing with appropriate printer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
4) Fast-response display for quick operation. 14) Integrated fine pressure recording. 24) Intuitive switching between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transfer for different applications.
5) Robust housing unit to weather shock impact. 15) Quick-change probes make switching between measurements simpler. 25) Information collation and reporting within the solution.
6) Quick switch between standby mode and measurements. 16) Multi-functional handle enables operators to attach probes for differing applications. 26) Data storage of PDF reports within the 300 solution.
7) 10-hour rechargeable battery life. 17) Additional range of probes and accessories for every need from Testo’s range. 27) Customise and edit data archives to identify trends.
8) Quick charging to minimise downtime. 18) Ongoing support from Testo’s Service team. 28) Incorporate data readings and customer information in a single report.
9) TÜV-tested to German measurement quality standards. 19) Clearly structured menus for simple data recording. 29) Quick report generation.
10) Equipped for a measurement range of -40 to +1,200 degrees Celsius. 20) Customise menu processes for individual projects. 30) Signature function to allow customer sign-off on the instrument.

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