A couple of degrees’ difference changes everything in food preparation, especially when cooking foods at risk of bacterial buildup. Any variance outside appropriate cooking temperatures can result in overcooked or dangerously undercooked food, which can land businesses in serious trouble.

That makes temperature monitoring essential to safer food preparation. Operators need precisely calibrated instruments to gauge key parameters more accurately – that’s where Testo’s Calibration Services come in.

Ensuring safer food preparation

Australian Food Standards legislation governs food safety compliance. Within this framework, Division 6.22 specifies what requirements food preparation and hospitality businesses need to meet regarding temperature measuring instruments:

  1. Solutions need to be readily accessible and in working order; and
  2. Be able to accurately measure the temperature of food to within one degree Celsius accuracy.
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Accurate temperature measurement through probes and thermometers is vital in food preparation.

Temperature measurement is crucial in food preparation due to the risk of bacterial development in certain foods not cooked safely. The NSW Food Authority specifies that the internal temperature of chicken needs to be 74 degrees Celsius before it’s safe to eat. It also specifies that any meat with an internal temperature of between 5-60 degrees Celsius is unfit for human consumption after two hours. An organisation that fails to meet this standard is eligible for fines or business sanctions, making accurate temperature measurement instruments a key investment.

Why is calibration crucial?

Calibration ensures that temperature monitoring solutions are operating precisely. Calibration experts perform tests to ensure your in-house instrument records as per the manufacturer’s specification when compared to a NATA-certified reference instrument.

With accurate calibration operators have peace of mind that their temperature monitoring solutions are functioning accurately, recording data needed to guide cooking and food preparation practices. Without a calibration regime one cannot be sure if the instrument is operating to manufacturer’s specifications over time, compromising food safety and your business operations long term.

Testo Calibration Services Testo’s calibration team test a range of temperature monitoring solutions.

Testo’s Calibration Services

The calibration team conduct temperature calibrations on our full range of temperature monitoring solutions, including:

Our investment in developing the most accurate and reliable calibration service possible means we generate controlled testing conditions from -20 up to +150 degrees Celsius for food preparation testing instruments. This covers the temperature conditions found in everything from blast chillers to refrigerators to cookers, making it a one-stop-shop solution for all of your whole kitchen equipment.

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