In many industries, refrigeration systems are an indispensable part of meeting standards and requirements and guaranteeing operations are occurring as normal. The service tools that are components of these systems ensure optimum air conditioning systems for domestic and commercial buildings, cool industrial processes and enable longer storage and freezing of food. Because of the importance of refrigeration tools, it becomes essential to plan systems for refrigeration and air conditioning technology professionally and operate them efficiently. Let's take a closer look at what refrigeration measuring equipment is available through Testo and the value of each.

The value of refrigeration instruments

A refrigeration and air condition system is a closed and ideally hermetically sealed pipework system in which refrigerants circulate. It is imperative that each component of the refrigeration system and tool works cohesively together so that the whole is performing optimally. If one portion of the system is not functioning properly, the entire apparatus can be thrown off.

The purpose of the refrigeration system may vary depending on its use, so the needs of commercial food storage products may not be the same as industrial vaccine refrigeration. The refrigeration system's operating media are the refrigerant and the oil in the compressor. Their selection is based on the respective application in conjunction with environmental impacts. To learn more, read this guide written by our professionals who can steer you in the right direction.

The variety of refrigeration instruments

While most refrigeration systems rely on the same basic principles and parts, there are specific requirements that particular procedures need. Here, we will discuss some of the best and most popular tools that professionals use to check the health of AC and refrigeration systems. There are a wide variety of refrigeration tools that are used for different purposes and in a variety of circumstances.

Testo is setting standards in the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning industry with state-of-the-art digital instruments. Its wide range consists of refrigeration and vacuum gauges, refrigerant leak detectors, pressure meters, anemometers and data loggers. Here are some examples of the situations that industries using refrigeration systems may find themselves in:

  • Commissioning of systems
  • Service and maintenance
  • Refrigeration Consulting
  • Facility Management

Let's take a closer look at the different types of refrigeration tools and why you should consider updating them.

Refrigerant manifold

A digital manifold is an all-in-one instrument that measures temperature and pressure and is capable of working on systems with varying refrigerants including water (R718) – whereas, with analogue manifolds, technicians are required to carry multiple units. A digital refrigerant manifold makes all the difference when it comes to accuracy and usability. Because the temperature and pressure of the system are automatically read, it will be easy to make any adjustments necessary.

Refrigeration manifolds are handheld tools that connect to A/C and refrigeration systems and heat pumps to provide technicians with information related to the system's operation. The data obtained from the gauge can inform a variety of standard maintenance and repair actions. View our wide range of available gauges and get in touch with us to learn more.

Smart probes

Testo smart probes are compact professional measuring instruments that work well for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation applications. One of the most useful parts of these tools is that they can be operated with the testo Smart App from a smartphone or tablet.

Pressure Transducers and Vacuum Gauges

Pressure gauges work well for the evacuation of refrigeration systems. Pressure measurement helps to avoid damage to refrigeration and ventilation systems, burners or compressed air systems. Leaky gas or water pipes can lead to deterioration or accidents, which can be avoided with regular pressure measurements.

testo Smart App

Often, refrigeration systems use similar tools and may even be connected to the HVAC&R system with a similar tool kit. This controls things like heating, ventilation, A/C systems, air quality, electrical testing, and building and facility maintenance. Relying on digital HVAC systems is often preferable to analogue systems. There are instruments to find leaks, measure temperature, determine humidity and perform electrical testing.

Through a practical app like the testo Smart App, your smartphone turns into your control center. The testo Smart App conveniently connects with and controls the instruments for all refrigeration and air conditioning applications. This way, you always have an overview, and your data is exactly where you need it. With the testo Smart App, you can evaluate results even faster, and it helps you avoid measurement errors, as stored measurement programs guide you step by step through the configuration and the measurement. You can also create custom data and measure locations in no time at all.

Testo's customer service and measuring tools

Testo has excellent customer service that can guide you through the instrument buying and maintenance process. Our experienced engineers are available to support you and answer any inquiries you may have on the use or functionality of your Testo instrument. You can find this support at the Testo Service Centre in Australia. It is well equipped with special diagnostic service equipment to take care of all your service and calibration needs. In addition, Testo can do comprehensive analysis and provide regular software and firmware updates. You can be assured your Testo instrument will be serviced to the highest standard, using only genuine parts, protecting your investment and warranty.

The five-star service not only provides specialists via phone but uses a specialised service management system. With the proprietary Testo service software and diagnostic equipment, any Testo instrument can be easily calibrated and serviced and if you require express service it can also be arranged. The instrument data gets stored on the Testo system so service specialists can help you with any future inquiries.

To learn more about servicing your refrigeration tools, contact us today or if you wish to see the refrigeration measuring instruments contact your local Testo dealer.