High-quality refrigeration manifolds and testing instruments are important when servicing and commissioning refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Different markets that rely on dependable heating, air conditioning or refrigeration look to the testo 557s digital manifold, with additional features like testing functions and data collection acquisition. Here’s a closer look at the testo 557s, its best features and important things to know.

What is the testo 557s?

Our new manifolds have large, clear graphic displays and Bluetooth lets you connect to multiple probes – four BT probes and two cable probes – at one time. You have access to the values you need through an easy-to-read screen. The testo 557s Smart Digital Manifold Kit is a digital refrigeration gauge with an accurate Bluetooth wireless accurate vacuum measurement probe, two temperature clamp probes and four hoses. Here are some of the additional features that are included with the device:

  • Digital 4-valve manifold.
  • Two wireless clamp temperature probes can be included with the kit.
  • External VAC probe vacuum measurement.
  • Four refrigerant hoses.
  • Rugged case.
  • Calibration certificate.
  • Batteries.
  • Smart app connection to other testo Smart Probes.

Easy to use

The new testo 557s has a large graphic display that makes the results easy to read. It’s also easy to handle due to its design and robust housing with IP54 protection class. The precise measurement is simple, effective and available via an automatic Bluetooth connection. The testo Smart App is a practical app that allows you to access your data, carry out measurements, and documentation with ease.

The 557s kit comes with clamp probes that are used to measure surface temperatures used to measure pipe temperature. Everything can be stored in a sturdy case that will hold up to the tough conditions that it may find itself in. Here are some more features that make the tool easier to use than ever:

  • Automatic calculation of superheat and subcool.
  • Calculation of Target Superheat
  • Smartphone connectivity.
  • Convenient refrigerant management via the App.
  • Can handle water as a refrigerant and do differential pressure of water for water chillers.
  • Optional Smart Refrigerant Scales and Smart Valve connectivity

If you and your team are always thinking about meeting your particular regulations and requirements by providing reliable results, the testo 557s is your answer.

How to read a testo 557s

The testo 557s offers unique solutions to those who rely on the gauge’s results. Reading the instrument is simple and doesn’t require an extensive learning curve. As previously mentioned, the screen, where the results are found, is large and causes no strain on the eye. Unlike an analogue gauge, the digital aspect of the instrument makes it far more simple to read and understand. In addition, it eliminates parallax error and therefore increases the accuracy.

To make the tool even easier to read and understand, the testo 557s is a Smart device and has App connection that you can link to your smartphone or tablet device. The 557s collates and transfers all collected data for storage on any smart device of your choice.

Here’s a short explanation of how to use and read the testo 557s:

  1. Start it and zero out the pressure sensors.
  2. Switch the Bluetooth on.
  3. Choose a measuring mode.
  4. Connect the temperature sensor if necessary.
  5. Connect the vacuum probe if necessary.
  6. Connect smart valve and refrigerant scales if necessary
  7. Perform the measurement.

The results will be displayed on the screen and also displayed on the smart app if connected. Reading the gauge is simpler than ever before, thanks to the digitised nature of the tool. Not only is it easy to read, but you’re also able to get a precise measurement result without any manual calculation.

Digital components of a testo 557s

Analogue gauges are a thing of the past, something that used to require manual measurements and calculations. This could lead to a mistake that costs not only money but precious time. Some of the digital components of the testo 557s have already been mentioned, but the advantage that they can provide over the competition is extremely valuable.

Through wireless measurement data, uncomplicated documentation and reporting becomes possible. From Bluetooth probes to the testo Smart App, there are many different features of the testo 557s that elevate it beyond the average gauge. The free testo DataControl PC software is also important to keeping track of the data and digitisation of client data.

The Bluetooth component of the testo 557s enables it to connect to other devices without the use of wires. A wireless connection not only increases the effectiveness of the tool but makes the working environment safer.

To find out where you can get your new testo manifold, check out our website. To learn more contact Testo to ask for additional information and see what other measurement tools are available.