Testo offers a variety of temperature data loggers that are used in industries such as food, health, HVAC-R, pharmaceutical and laboratories, production, storage and transport of goods. The devices are designed and constructed to meet a high standard and perform exceptionally well. Testo data logging devices are built in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards and offer very reliable measurements. The devices are flexible and easy to use by just about any individual, allowing you to meet the needs of your niche function.

The importance of good data logging

With a variety of industries that require data logging tools, there are many different kinds of equipment available. Across all departments and industries that use temperature data loggers, the information must be reliably collected and logged. There are several main reasons why good data logging is critical, including meeting industry standards and guidelines.

For example, Australia has strict standards when it comes to healthcare medication storage. This is especially true for vaccines. The National Vaccine Storage Guidelines provide information about how to store vaccines and manage their distribution. Immunisation providers use these guidelines to ensure that their vaccines are kept at the right temperature so that they do not spoil.

This is what is known as "Strive for 5." Professionals in the healthcare industry that deal with the storage of vaccines must work to keep the repository space at 5°C, which is the midway point between +2°C and +8°C. If the vaccines become damaged because they are kept out of the range, the temperature data logger should be able to send alarms and expose at what point in the process the gap in standards occurred. With so much consistent data available, data loggers help store and manage that information so that it can be easily used and temperature-sensitive products protected.

Temperature data logging

As previously stated, there are many different kinds of standalone data logging tools. Each has its own particular uses and provides various advantages for a variety of professionals. Here are a few of the different types of loggers and related products that are available.

  • WiFi data loggers: Cordless data loggers or Cloud loggers combine precise measuring technology with data transmission via WiFi.
  • USB temperature data logger: They enable precise temperature measurement and data records thanks to the practical USB interface. Data packets can be read out directly on the PC and analysed using the appropriate software.
  • Thermohygrometers: These tools are great entry-level products that have customisable measurement intervals, as well as all the other basic tools you'll need to operate effectively.

Let's look at some of the most popular and commonly used Testo temperature data loggers. Within this category, there are limited-use loggers and long-term temperature monitoring instruments. The  limited-use loggers are used to record values within a short period of time and are only used one time. On the other hand, the more long-term data loggers are able to evaluate humidity and temperature over a long period of time.

Temperature data loggers often have different kinds of accessories that are available for diverse circumstances and requirements. For example, they come with valuable analysis software that offers a clear tabular display of readings in addition to convenient export functions, which makes it easier to processing of data in third-party software.

How to log data for temperature

Again, it is important to note that temperature data loggers are multifaceted, and the environment in which they are used will assist in directing how they are utilised. Because they are primarily employed for logging temperature and humidity data, they all have similar functions. However, if you are interested in buying a highly precise instrument to maintain the cold chain for food distribution, the smart device you use will be different from someone who wants to measure ambient temperature in an office building.

Testo data loggers allow steadfast and continuous monitoring, facilitating the simple documentation of measurements for analysis. In most industries, there is an essential need for the collection and management of this data, which is where these devices come in. All versatile devices have set calibration standards, which make it easy to ensure that the measurements produced are extremely accurate, something that is incredibly important.

Each tool will have its own direction for use. For example, there are data loggers for different ambient data, ones that display UV exposure and other devices that can compare results to regular measurements.

Calibrating temperature data loggers

Because data temperature loggers need to be extremely precise, they need to be calibrated every so often in order to remain accurate. If you require your instrument to be calibrated to a special standard, which would be the case in the health and food industry, please contact our service department. Testo also offers on-site service and calibration to all our customers based in Victoria.

For example, our calibration services are available for:

  • Air temperature thermometers/portable data loggers in the range of -20 to 150°C.
  • Extreme temperature loggers that record data in the range of -195 to +1350 °C.
  • Immersion thermometers in the range of -20 to 600°C.
  • Surface measuring probes in the range of -20 to 150°C.
  • IR thermometers and Thermal Imagers in the range of -20 to 140°C.

Calibration is essential for the data loggers to operate at a highly efficient level. Our services include deviation recorded, calculating and recording the resulting measurement uncertainty, adjusting the results to comply with the reference where possible and creating the calibration certificate.

To learn more about what temperature data loggers are right for you, reach out to Testo today.