Whether you're storing perishable goods and materials in a warehouse awaiting delivery, housing them in a supermarket that will sell to consumers or transporting the items between the two, controlling temperature at all stages of that journey is vital. While an optimised supply chain will account for how much time the goods must spend at the correct temperature, delays in the process can result in damaged or unsafe items.

The testo Saveris 2 temperature and humidity monitoring system helps reduce the impact of these delays, supplying accurate values and helping users respond should there be issues with storage or transportation.

Protect the condition of perishable goods no matter where you are.Protect the condition of perishable goods, no matter where you are.

On-site environment monitoring

Distribution warehouses receiving perishable imports, packaging facilities for agricultural produce, medical laboratories carrying out research – these and many more locations depend on careful management of environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Saveris 2 wireless data loggers, installed in critical areas throughout the location, record environmental data over long periods of time, allowing organisations to observe any fluctuations and take action should temperatures exceed acceptable limits.

While being on-site obviously means response times will be improved, even users in other locations can be notified when values change. The Saveris 2 system is cloud-based, so keeping track of conditions is possible from anywhere, on any modern device.

Data loggers on the road

Moving perishable materials from one place to another is an essential part of the supply chain, but that doesn't mean your goods need to be more vulnerable while in transit. Adding one or more data loggers to refrigerated trucks is just as simple as installing them in a warehouse, and the results are equally effective. 

The transportation process may be especially susceptible to delays, as heavy traffic, accidents or breakdowns and wild weather can all hamper a driver's ability to get where they need to on time. While a minor hold-up on the road may not have a significant impact on the quality of your goods, if your delivery is stuck for an hour or more then that could be a real concern. By monitoring the Saveris 2 data logger, it's much easier for organisations to determine whether it's necessary to send additional trucks to salvage the items before they perish, or if the delay is acceptable.

For more information on how testo Saveris 2 can help in the supply chain, take a look at our video on monitoring trucks in transit below.

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