Monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters is challenging due to the range of factors that require measurement. The most common datasets IAQ technicians monitor include:

  • Ambient gas levels.
  • Humidity and condensation.
  • Air flow and pressure.

These are factors the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) specifies as having a prominent effect on human health if left unchecked. Evidently technicians have their work cut out to record several different measurements simultaneously.

However, Testo’s 400 universal IAQ instrument offers users the power to monitor multiple conditions at the same time. This is all thanks to its stand-alone data logger solution.

Saving time measuring multiple parameters

The EPA’s IAQ guidelines specify the above factors need to be monitored to ensure a comfortable and safe indoor environment. If you don’t monitor these conditions, they can have the following effects:

  • Ambient gases: Oxygen is essential for productivity and maintaining energy levels. Low levels of the gas contribute to fatigue, dizziness and even nausea. Conversely carbon monoxide can cause respiratory issues at high levels over a period of time.
  • Humidity and condensation: Airborne moisture can contribute to harmful mould and bacteria build up. Excess water can also cause rot in building materials.
  • Air flow and pressure: Air moves from areas of high to low pressure, which can spread contaminants or dangerous gases throughout a building easily without a suitable ventilation or air filtration system.
TESTO 400 IAQTesto’s full 400 set offers is capable of monitoring numerous IAQ parameters simultaneously.

But monitoring each condition individually is time-consuming, and has always been a problem with analogue solutions. That’s why Testo’s new 400 universal IAQ instrument offers a truly unique remote monitoring solution.

The testo 400 universal IAQ instrument: remote monitoring made easy

Testo’s new 400 solution is ideal for IAQ monitoring because it offers technicians the chance to record data on numerous parameters simultaneously thanks to a stand-alone data logger.

Users set the testo 400 instrument to monitor any IAQ parameter and record data over time. This command is synced with the testo 400 data logger box, which begins monitoring parameters instantly. Technicians can then switch the testo 400 universal IAQ instrument to assess a different parameter, streamlining the time it takes to assess all indoor conditions. Users can undertake this new data monitoring session remotely from the data logger box in another part of the room and easily switch between monitoring either parameters at any time.

IAQ monitoring in the digital age should be flexible enough to suit technicians and support quicker, smarter data recording and collating. The testo 400 instrument and paired data logger monitors and collates each measurement internally for instant access to all data when needed. Remote IAQ monitoring and data processing has never been so simple.

For more information on Testo Australia’s 400 IAQ instrument and the supporting data logger solution, reach out to the sales team.

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