There is no doubt that the air conditioning, refrigeration and building services industry is a close knit community. With many businesses working towards the same goal of providing innovative products to their clients, events such as ARBS are always marked on the Testo Expos calendar.

This year is no different, with the event held over three days from May 17-19 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Testo presentation

At ARBS, we will be holding a special product presentation on ‘Testo’s Smart World of HVAC&R’ at the exhibition presentation theatre on Tuesday May 17th at 11 a.m. This gives us the opportunity to outline our thoughts on the industry and showcase our leading range of smart probes that we released this year.

Of course, our smart tools are a playing a major role in revolutionising the Global HVAC&R industry and we forward to discussing this further at our dedicated stand (41/43).

As well as presenting the entire HVAC&R product range, we will also unveil the latest testo products beneficial to the electricians in this field.

For more information about ARBS or our smart tool range, get in contact with us today.

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