We live in an age where everyone, no matter if you're a private citizen or the head of an international corporation, needs to do their part to ensure they're being eco-conscious and are protecting the environment. This can happen in many ways, from driving hybrid cars to recycling various materials. However, in the industrial sector, it's important to make sure companies are doing their part to contribute to decreasing pollution wherever possible.

This can be difficult in this industry, given that equipment, machines and production have historically been a large contributing element to air pollution. However, thanks to modern technology, there are steps that can be taken to reduce this at every step of the production cycle.

One way to test this within corporations is by employing emissions monitoring devices. They can help ensure that all equipment is functioning as it should and is contributing to an eco-friendly environment.

With this in mind, what pieces of emissions testing devices do you need for your monitoring?

Flue gas analyser

A flue gas analyser is one of the first products that should be on your shopping list.

This instrument is able to record small traces of gas pollution in the air and is therefore crucial in industrial applications. They are also simple to operate and require no extra training, meaning that anyone on site can learn to use it quickly and efficiently without downtime affecting the production cycle.

Flue gas analysers have been in use for roughly 40 years, speaking to their usefulness and necessity. These tools can test a number of different types of gases, and with some examples can also be operated from the readouts on smartphones or tablets via an app. This device also tends to be used in conjunction with other tools so as to provide an all around comprehensive emissions monitoring package, such as a smoke tester in oil heating systems or a nanoparticle measuring instrument when checking various types of industrial equipment.

Smoke tester

With the whirring of hot machinery and the combustible nature of chemicals and other elements of the production process, it's not uncommon for smoke to develop. However, it's very important for companies to be able to detect particulate matter for safety standards and to make sure production is running smoothly at all points.

As such, a smoke tester is crucial. A good detector will detect particulates that might not even be noticed otherwise. In the industrial sector, where your employees are working in the vicinity of systems that generate a lot of particulate matter, measurement becomes even more important. 

Nanoparticles meter

Inhaling nanoparticles into the body can cause lung inflammation and cardiovascular problems. Studies have shown that diesel exhaust causes a general inflammatory response and alters systems that for example control one's heart rate.

Anyone monitoring ultra-fine particles in production facilities that are known to produce nanoparticles should be aware of the dangers to human beings, thereby investing in instruments capable of determining the amount of particles in ambient air.

Emissions monitoring tools can be used together for best resultsEmissions monitoring tools can be used together for best results

Particle Counter

There are a variety of professions which make it necessary to comply with legal regulations relating to particulate matter. Heating engineers encounter particulate matter and are required to be able to work with different measurements in this area. In these cases, it makes sense to use particulate matter measurement instruments.

The practical instruments which undertake digital measurements and carry them out in real time enable you to respond quickly if the values are too high. The instruments in Testo's range are approved for the various fuel classes. You therefore not only ensure the protection of people in the direct vicinity of the systems, but also enable more effective environmental protection. 

Leakage meter

An important catch-all tool to have in emissions monitoring and testing is a leakage meter.  A leak may lead to serious damage. You should therefore carry out the required tests with the appropriate pressure / gas leakage measuring instrument, in order to improve fault protection and meet legal requirements.

Many of these state-of-the-art detectors can not only determine that there is a leak, but can also pinpoint where the leak is located, which can help with the reparation. These detectors have very high sensitivities and can be altered to account for any change in altitude, depending on your geographic location, to be as accurate as possible in finding even the smallest of leaks. 

Each of these tools are easily portable and can be used on various pieces of equipment and in different locations, over and over again, meaning that they will pay for themselves. They can also be used together for different readouts and results. For more information about emissions measuring devices that are available and crucial for your business, contact Testo Australia's team today.

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