Due to advances in technology, HVAC doesn't look the way it used to.

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems have gotten easier to use and more efficient. Exciting new innovations allow businesses and homeowners to control their heating and cooling more effortlessly, resulting in them saving money and energy.

Additionally, advances in climate measurement technology have made it easier for technicians to analyse the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems. And, with all of the innovations available to consumers, the expectations for technicians to use advanced technology are rising.

So what changes have we seen in the industry lately?

A recap of recent innovations

Before we get into the most recent new technologies, let's go over the innovations from the past few years.

Smart technology

Thanks to smart HVAC technology, people don't have to concern themselves with altering the heat or air conditioning to save energy and cut costs — smart thermostats do the work for them. This technology allows people to set specific times for the air conditioning or heat ventilator to alter the climate, allowing little to no risk of wasting energy and money on an empty building.

Green technology

Speaking of saving energy, green innovations in HVAC technology are making it easier than ever for homeowners and business owners to reduce energy consumption and limit their carbon footprint.

Solar panels and geothermal heat pumps are two green HVAC innovations becoming more widely used. Additionally, technicians installing HVAC systems have learned how to use the natural airflow of a building to their advantage. If installed with the building's ventilation and layout in mind, a heating or cooling system may be able to use less energy to create the desired climate.

Mobile-friendly technology

With smart homes and smart thermostats, people can monitor the temperature in their building right from their cell phones. They can also use their cell phones to alter the heat or air conditioning to maintain a cost- and energy-efficient climate.

Smart measurement tools

Not only have there been innovations in HVAC, but there are notable advancements in measurement technology as well. Today, technicians can use their smartphones to wirelessly measure relevant climate information in a building — with the right tools, that is.

Testo offers measurement technology for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating systems and thermal energy to contractors and facility managers. What makes our technology cutting-edge for modern technicians is that many of our tools have Bluetooth capability, allowing the user to gather data with a wireless connection. For example, our new smart probe, the testo 552i, is app-controlled, which gives technicians the ability to compile data through our intuitive testo Smart App.

The testo Smart App allows professionals to use all Bluetooth-capable devices in one convenient place. It also presents data in organised ways, including graphical representations, and allows the user to email the results. So, technicians can worry less about how to compile and deliver information and get right into the next steps of their jobs.

Taking innovations a step further

As of late, Testo is coming out with technology to make the life of a technician even easier.

For starters, Testo is launching new digital manifolds, like the testo 550s and the testo 557s. These devices gather measurements more quickly than ever before, plus their screens are easier to read, with larger, clearer pictures. Their sleek, robust design makes them easier to carry and operate for technicians who are always on the go.

The new testo 550i is the smallest digital manifold device on the market. It's also the world's first completely app-controlled manifold, making it easier to measure, compile and deliver reports all from one easy-to-use device. Many manual tasks are now accomplished on a smartphone, and for technicians who prefer to do as much of their jobs as possible from one easy device, the testo 550i is the most cutting-edge innovation on the market.

These devices will make technicians' jobs much easier. By making the technology more usable and compact, tasks may not need as many hands or as much brain power. With the smart app and Bluetooth-capable tools taking on a portion of the work, an apprentice or second technician may not be needed on site. Additionally, technicians can accomplish more per day, allowing them to grow their businesses and satisfy even more customers.

Every day, the world becomes more reliant on technology. It makes our lives easier, and based on how modern consumers have embraced new HVAC technology, it's likely that most people will expect their technicians to use the most cutting-edge innovations as well.

Testo's goal is to provide contractors with the best technology possible to perform their jobs. Contact us today for more information on measurement technology that will help you keep up with innovations in HVAC.