The digital manifold with intelligent fault analysis: testo 570s

The world market leader in measuring instruments launched the world’s first smart digital manifold that independently detects and highlights anomalies. The new testo 570s revolutionizes long-term measurements on refrigeration and air conditioning systems and even heat pumps. Instead of a long search, anomalies are displayed directly in the testo Smart App and has a super long battery life of up to 360 hours.

Intelligence, Stamina & Precision

Especially for long-term measurements, error analysis is often time-consuming and yet anomalies frequently remain undetected. This is exactly what Testo will change with its new manifold, because with it, the testo Smart App takes over and reliably highlights the anomalies from large amounts of data. This not only ensures that nothing is overlooked, but also saves a considerable amount of time. In addition, the extremely large data memory guarantees maximum data security.

The new digital manifold also offers new advantages for standard measurements. With the hybrid system of rechargeable battery and replaceable battery, another world first has been integrated, enabling a record runtime of 360 hours. In addition, the precision of the pressure measurement has been increased to 0.25 % fs, so that reliable results are also obtained for systems operating at low pressure. 

Fast and easy is the motto

With rising jobs and projects and with shortage of skilled workers, one thing above all is important … being able to carry out measurements as quickly and easily as possible. To make this a reality, Testo has developed numerous functions for its latest manifold that make everyday work easier. Starting with the large display that shows all measurement data at a glance, the wireless probes that automatically connect to the manifold, to guided measurement menus that safely bring you to your goal.

In addition, the testo Smart App allows configuration, measurement and documentation to be carried out conveniently and easily on a smartphone or tablet.

Equipped for every challenge

When it comes to robustness, Testo relies on proven quality. With protection class IP54, the manifold can achieve reliable results even under the most difficult conditions. A2L refrigerants also no problem for the manifold.

Ready to go – with the practical kits

The new testo 570s with 4-way valve block is offered in three convenient kits. They allow temperature, vacuum and current to be measured quickly and wireless.

If you are interested to learn more about the right digital manifold for your work, contact one of the team members from our Testo Authorised dealer network or reach out to Testo directly on or (03) 4100 0438.