Some of the leading figures in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry will soon be gathering for the 2014 Future of HVAC conference.

The event – organised by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating (AIRAH) – will kick off on July 16 in Sydney.

The primary theme of this year’s conference is technology, ideas and research. However, the event is also set to place additional emphasis on adaptability and flexibility, and thinking about how Australia’s growth as a nation will affect those in the HVAC sector.

“The Future of HVAC 2014 continues the discussion about the future, via industry experts and leading researchers from a wide range of fields sharing their knowledge, ideas and insights,” explained AIRAH Chief Operating Officer Neil Cox.

Conference Chair Ania Hampton says that she hopes the conference will inspire those in attendance to look ahead to the future, and drive a greater understanding of the challenges the HVAC industry is facing, as well as potential solutions to those challenges.

“If people leave feeling enthusiastic and excited about new opportunities and ideas, we’ll have done our job,” she said.

Because the HVAC industry is such a dynamic field, it’s important that those in this line of work keep an eye on events such as this, as well as new technological developments, in order to ensure they are evolving and improving with the sector as a whole.

As an example of how HVAC innovation is improving the productivity and efficiency of the industry, one need only look at the latest climate measurement tools and refrigeration gauges.

These sophisticated devices enable contractors to undertake a more accurate assessment of the performance of refrigeration or heating systems, identifying faults and problems faster and more effectively.

The 2014 Future of HVAC conference will be taking place at the Australian National Maritime Museum from July 16 – July 17.

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