World Skills Competition 2022

Tom Clancy

Meet Tom Clancy a Western Australian refrigeration and air conditioning technician who ranked number 10 in the World Skills – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning competition which took place at Chillventa in Nuremberg, Germany late 2022.  

Tom was one of sixteen young technicians from around the world to put his technical skills to test in this highly competitive event.

Skills and trades are crucial for building booming economies, dynamic communities and self-confident members of society. This is why organisations such as WorldSkills Australia are so essential not only in Australia but world wide. WorldSkills Australia supports skills excellence in Australia primarily through skills competitions which are organised at a regional, national and international level. Every two years, more than five hundred regional competitions are held in thirty-four regions across Australia.

During 2019 Tom got the opportunity to represent Western Australia in the WorldSkills regional event at the Perth Convention Centre. With his technical background in commercial refrigeration service, maintenance and installation together with two years apprenticeship in service and maintenance looking after supermarket breakdowns and preventable maintenance, Tom’s skills and knowledge was enough to make him a tough competitor to stand up against. He was unstoppable and came third in the national competition partly sponsored by one of our distributors, Kirby HVAC&R.

To prepare himself for the international leg of the competition, Tom started with training every Friday at the South Metropolitan TAFE (Carlisle), 5 months prior to the competition.

Some of the challenging tasks Tom and his competitors faced during the skills contest was fabrication, refrigeration installation, electrical- and refrigeration fault-finding.

His hard work and dedication during training paid off, he was ranked number 10 in the International competition in 2022.  The accolades Tom received with the International competition also gave him the opportunity to return to WorldSkills Australia regional and national events as a judge.

Tom takes pride in the fact that he had represented himself and his sponsors at an international level.

Testo supports the promotion of skills excellence in HVAC&R through these special events and we encourage all up-and-coming technicians to check out your local WorldSkills event.

We congratulate Tom and wish him all the success in his life journey.