Have you ever tried to flip a burger on the grill using just your hand?

Since you've likely always had the right tool for the job – in this case, a spatula – you haven't had to. But the same can't be said when it comes to quality management in the kitchen. Whether it's adhering to local food codes or checking the temperature of a dish that's about to be served, guessing just won't cut it.

It's time to put as much thought into compliance as you do with cooking the food with the help of testo Saveris Restaurant tools.

Control unit

At the head of the platform is a tablet that refines the way kitchen staff approaches compliance. Before, daily checks relied upon in-depth knowledge of regulatory standards in regard to cleanliness, food storage and even the location of equipment. However, this strategy can lead to certain components being overlooked, only to cause trouble later on.

The control unit guides employees through a detailed checklist, ensuring they review all regulations based on local food codes. It's also where the information for alarms that alert to unsafe food temperatures is stored. The tablet resides in a sturdy, waterproof casing and is ready to handle anything thrown its way.

Testo provides an assortment of probes to go along with its multi-function handle.The testo multi-function handle makes it easy to check the temperature of various foods.

Handle and probes

Implementing an effective food safety program doesn't rely only on the availability of tools; restaurant owners need to ensure everything is simple and easy to access. This is where the testo multi-function handle and assortment of measurement probes come in.

A chef is able to use the thermometer to quickly check the temperature of the steak on the grill, then swap out the probe for a liquid thermometer to review how the au jus is coming along. There are a variety of probes available, including those that can help kitchen staff better control the quality of used cooking oil.

Testo Saveris helps monitor otherwise overlooked components of quality management.Testo Saveris provides an all-encompassing view of kitchen conditions.

Data loggers

Quality management programs in restaurants extends from the temperature of food and the conditions it's being cooked at to the setting it resides. Over the course of a shift there's likely going to be food left in the open waiting to be cooked, but stifling heat from the grills and stovetops could skew internal temperatures.

Testo Saveris is a wireless data logger than can be placed around the kitchen and in food storage to provide feedback on the conditions food is being kept in. Restaurants can also customise the solution to alert about doors left open or simulate product temperatures. Find out more about the testo Saveris Restaurant solution by contacting a Testo representative today.