The thermal imaging market is set to increase significantly over the next couple of years as different industries begin to take advantage of its benefits.

In a recent report released by Transparency Market Research, the global thermal imaging market is expected to reach US$6,098.8 million by 2019. The report notes that the emergence of new applications and uses is helping thermal imagers become essential tools in a range of industries.

The 2012 thermal imaging market was valued at $3,192.5 million and was set to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.76 per cent from 2013 through until 2019.

The report explained how thermal imagers are assisting different sectors in unique and innovative ways.

“Rising penetration of thermal imaging devices in industrial and commercial sector is driving the growth of this market. Industrial sector is using thermal imaging devices for manufacturing process monitoring and to find hot spot in mechanical and electrical installation,” the report read.

“Commercial sector is deploying thermal imaging devices for building diagnosis and security of airports and estates etc. In addition, reduction in the price of thermal imaging devices has increased penetration in the residential sector.”

What options are available for industry professionals?

Depending on what industry your business is in, Testo have a range of products that can assist with risk management and everyday heat location.

For the electrical industry, for example, the 870-1 Affordable Thermal Imager can be used to detect heat leakages as well as localise cold bridges. If there are any overheated connections above, the imager can alert workers to the problem.

In the research and development industry, you could use the 875-1i VersatileThermal Imager which allows workers to analyse materials and components before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs.

More information about how thermal imagers can assist your workplace is available on the Testo website.

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