The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) has reported back on a number of successful legislation changes which have helped improve the efficiency of the industry.

According to the NECA, Red Tape Reduction Project Board representative Mick Logan has actioned a number of significant amendments to the The Electrical Safety Act and Regulation 2002.

These include changes to the restrictions which mandate the work electrical apprentices are allowed to perform with proper supervision, as well as a reduction to the frequency in which electricians are required to undertake Rescue and Resuscitation Training.

Together, these two amendments have helped save the industry nearly $30 million.

Furthermore, Mr Logan has helped introduced a number of technological developments designed to make registering and submitting important information easier for those in this industry.

“[T]he government is developing an online register for High Risk Work licence holders allowing employers of workers who claim to hold these licences to check this online as part of the recruitment and safety management system process,” reads the report card.

“The government is also converting static online forms to interactive online forms which can be filled out and lodged and paid for online rather than printed and posted in or lodged over the counter.”

Changes such as these are a positive sign for an industry which often has to deal with a significant amount of red tape and legislation regarding safe work requirements.

While it is of critical importance that electricians stay safe on the job, streamlining and reducing the amount of red tape in the sector will help cut costs and improve efficiency for all involved.

Electricians looking to further improve their performance and productivity may want to invest in a specialised thermal imaging camera, which can enable easier detection of hot spots and cold bridges on the job.

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