The hallmark of a great tool is that it makes a technician's job easier. The testo smart refrigeration set and testo 557 both fit the bill.

There are two main components of a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning specialist's job – testing and servicing. With the right tools in hand, the work day is made a breeze.

Quick testing

Service calls aren't always staged in the most desirable conditions, which is why the testo smart refrigeration set is crafted for technicians on the move. The compact AC/R kit features four easy-to-use probes and is completely wireless. That means you can say goodbye to unnecessary cables.

The testo smart refrigeration set is perfect for testing.The testo smart refrigeration set is perfect for testing.

Able to measure high and low side pressure at the same time, the testo smart refrigeration kit also offers:

  • A -40 to +150 degree Celsius measuring range.
  • A 7/16 inch probe that can measure pipes up to 1.25 inches in diameter.
  • Bluetooth connection to the Testo Smart Probes app.
  • Automatic calculations and charts saveable as PDF or Excel file, sent directly to smartphone or tablet.

It's difficult to find one reason that sets the testo smart refrigeration apart from the competition. It's bringing testing into the digital era, combined with the relative ease of use and accurate readings.

Only tool for servicing

On the other hand, the testo 557 digital refrigeration gauge serves as the perfect tool for servicing HVAC units and refrigerators. Accompanied by a four-valve block, the manifold offers precise readings of both superheat and sub-cool levels in real-time.

The testo 557 digital refrigeration gauge is the perfect tool for technicians.The testo 557 digital refrigeration gauge is the perfect tool for technicians.

Technicians are able to cut back on the amount of gadgets they bring to the work site with the all-in-one carry case for the testo 557 that also provides:

  • Grounded thermistor to replace thermocouple.
  • Measuring range of -50 to +150 degrees, and a vacuum range of up to 10,000 microns.
  • Digital interface that allows technicians to send results to their tablet or smartphone right from the work site.
  • Up to 60 preloaded refrigerant profiles, with the ability to download more through the app.
  • Ability to simultaneously perform and calculate measurements.

HVAC and refrigeration technicians are now working in the digital age, which is why the testo 557 is a natural fit. Instead of an analogue tool, the 557 offers precise measuring with the ability to send and receive results in real-time. With no more waiting or needing to calculate using charts, specialists can spend more of their time getting the job done.

Looking for more information on the testo smart refrigeration set or testo 557 refrigeration gauge? Contact one of our representatives today.

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