The old saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is something we're all familiar with, and when it comes to the tools technicians use every day, it can be easy to become attached to instruments that have served us well. But what if your trusty old equipment is incapable of delivering the most effective and accurate results possible, and affecting your ability to serve your customers.

For decades, people have relied on analogue refrigeration gauges simply because they were the most advanced devices available. With the transition to digital, however, analogue has been superseded by superior technology, and if you are not making use of it, you may be missing out on some excellent features. 

The testo 557 Digital Refrigeration Gauge is one of our most feature-packed options.The testo 557 Digital Refrigeration Gauge is one of our most feature-packed options.

Analogue versus digital

There are a number of ways in which digital technology offers significant benefits over analogue:

  • Accuracy: Gone are the days where users would have to use a traditional needle-based metering system to make a rough estimation of measured values. With the large digital LCD display on Testo's refrigeration gauges, technicians have much more accurate readings – to within 0.5oC.
  • Fewer moving parts: Unlike a traditional analogue instrument, our refrigeration gauges have fewer internal components that can break or degrade over time. Each device comes with a three-year warranty, but with care and correct use they will serve for an impressive lifespan.
  • Versatility: The sophistication of modern refrigeration gauges has significantly advanced in the digital era, with up to 60 refrigerant profiles stored within Testo's devices, making them ideal tools for any refrigeration measuring and maintenance task.

Choosing the right refrigeration gauge

Selecting the most suitable refrigeration gauge for your needs will depend on a number of factors, but for many technicians balancing functionality with affordability will likely be an important concern. Thankfully, Testo has a range of options at different price points, from our excellent testo 549 low-cost digital refrigeration gauge right up to the premium 570-2 digital refrigeration gauge with data logging.

The complexity you require from your device is something you should consider before making your choice, and it's something that our expert team can help you with. Whether you opt for the all-purpose functionality of the 549 or need to step up to a more feature-packed option, the benefits of digital refrigeration gauges will make a huge difference to your capability. Give us a call today and step out of the analogue age.

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