The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry is approaching major change. Older analogue refrigeration testing is being phased out in favour of more intuitive digital monitoring tools.

But is there is still hesitation from refrigerant technicians nationwide to embracing digital change? We dove into the issue to see if digital refrigeration monitoring is the future of HVAC.

Why are analogue tools still in favour?

Experienced HVAC technicians who’ve used the same equipment for years are understandably hesitant to embrace a totally new way of recording data. Many individuals are also hesitant to to invest in new equipment, associating digital equipment with significant expense. That is, until they realise the numerous positives of deploying digital refrigeration testing solutions.

Digital monitoring gauges are the ultimate upgrade on analogue equipment.Digital monitoring gauges are the ultimate upgrade on analogue equipment.

What are the benefits of digital refrigeration monitoring?

The primary advantage of digital gauges replacing legacy analogue devices is the ability it offers for technicians to work smarter, not harder, in completing their day-to-day tasks. This change can be broken down under three categories:

1) Precision

Digital monitoring tools are designed to provide accurate data readings, no matter the location or application, with less equipment. Technicians using analogue tools need to carry different gauges for different refrigerants, and use PT charts and manual calculations to generate data needed. Multifunction digital devices, such as Testo’s high-tech tools, can accurately calculate pressure readings without the need for a range of equipment.

2) Durability

Digital solutions are the long-term successor to analogue across a number of industries. Not only does this mean that the future is geared towards digital devices anyway, but it also means these tools are designed for smarter functionality. For technicians, this means a more flexible approach to on-site reporting and data logging, connecting gauge equipment to the Testo refrigeration app via smart device.

3) Ease-of-use

Monitoring tools that are as durable and more precise than analogue alternatives should be enough of a case for the digital evolution. That makes improved ease-of-use the proverbial cherry on top. Digital tools are simply more adaptable to different situations, making it easier for technicians to perform multiple tests simultaneously. This is turn reduces the need for a suite of equipment, making it easier to get work done quickly and efficiently.

Finding the right digital tools

Testo has a number of digital monitoring devices that are for collating refrigeration testing data, including:

  • A 549 digital manifold device.
  • The testo 550.
  • Digital manifold 557 equipment.
  • Testo’s 570-2 device.

These gauges are optimised to work in all conditions, delivering precise data from a durable and easy to use device. For information on trends in the HVAC industry or specifications on any Testo device, contact the team today.

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