Modern buildings provide a host of complex problems and inefficiencies for facility managers; but the tools at your disposal have also kept up with the times.

With each piece of equipment requiring your full attention and constant monitoring, it can be difficult to gain total insight into the health of the building. Quick and accurate readings are key to improving efficiency and keeping everything running smoothly, which is why many building managers are opting for digital tools.

Simplify maintenance

With so many complex tasks and mechanisms involved on a day-to-day basis, simplifying any part of the process can be a boon for facility managers. Heating, ventilation and air condition maintenance is a daily ritual that can be time consuming and challenging without the right tools.

The testo 420 simplifies parts of your routine HVAC maintenance.The testo 420 simplifies parts of your routine HVAC maintenance.

The testo 420 air flow hood removes the obstacle of measuring flow volume and velocity, temperature and relative humidity. A digital control panel placed at the bottom provides highly precise measurements that are sent directly to your smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.

Multifunctional capability

Lack of visibility into machinery and other operations, as well as the growing number of systems in place, were both chief complaints among facility management professionals, according to a survey from Navigant Research. Building technicians nowadays need flexible tools that can tackle multiple tasks at once.

Take the testo 480 climate measurement instrument, for example. Its attachable probe allows the user to easily test for multiple parameters in minutes, rather than having to use various tools for the same job. With just one device, facility managers can receive accurate readings for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Differential and absolute pressure
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Heat radiation
  • WBGT index

The testo 480 can also print reports on-site or be sent to your computer through a USB cable, allowing for easy collection and distribution for information. 

Improved productivity

At the end of the day, a facility managers tools shouldn't just help them get the job done; they should make life easier as well. The testo smart refrigeration set accomplishes that with its hose-free installation and calculation of superheat and sub-cold temperatures.

The testo smart refrigeration set provides facility managers with unparalleled flexibility.The testo smart refrigeration set provides facility managers with unparalleled flexibility.

The hoseless attachments mean a minor amount of refrigerant is lost compared to outdated instruments, and allows for seamless transportation and analysis of readings through six smart probe attachments. This allows you to generate reports on-site that can be viewed later when you need it.

In a profession where accurate readings are vital across various equipment and systems, facility managers need dependable and adaptable tools that allow them to do more with less. Contact a Testo representative today to learn more.

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