Carbon monoxide sensors are critical to ensuring that thousands of gas appliances in homes and businesses around Western Australia are serviced correctly.

This comes as part of the WA’s government’s ‘For Safety’s Sake’ campaign that aims to prevent poisoning cases and increase public awareness of this risk. According to Commerce Minister Michael Mischin, many people don’t know the danger the gas poses so it is important that they have their appliances serviced by well-equipped professionals.

Mr Mischin explained without having their appliances checked with gas sensors, it can be difficult detect the odourless gas in the environment.

“Even a small amount of carbon monoxide can cause illness and injury, while high levels of exposure can lead to unconsciousness, coma and death,” he said.

“With the majority of West Australians having at least one domestic gas appliance in their homes, it is vital residents make sure they are checked and serviced regularly by a licensed gas fitter, particularly if they are older appliances or have not been used for some time.”

Carbon monoxide poisoning often conceals its symptoms as the flu or a common virus, so it is imperative that industry officials take the correct procedures when checking the devices.

“Anyone using a gas appliance is at risk but seniors, children and those with heart problems are particularly vulnerable. Getting all appliances checked and serviced regularly by a licensed gasfitter is vital,” Mr Mischin said.

Testing devices available to industry

For businesses specialising in gas testing or servicing appliances, having the right equipment is vital when public safety is at risk.

Testo has a wide variety of gas analysers that can alert professionals to the presence of carbon monoxide. For example, the testo 317-3 Ambient CO Meter, which can detect CO levels down to a very accurate three parts per million (ppm).

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