Testo turned 60 last year, thanks in large part to our loyal base of customers spanning over 35 different countries across the globe.

Instead of a birthday cake and candles, Testo is inviting everyone to enjoy a 60-month warranty on three special flue gas analyser sets designed for our anniversary. That’s five years of protection on the tools you’ll use every day, no maintenance contract necessary.

Here’s a look at what’s available.

Testo 320 LX

We designed this universal flue gas analyser with gas and oil systems in mind. It offers Bluetooth functionality through its high-resolution digital display, which allows technicians to easily navigate the various menus. It comes with:

  • Testo 320 LX with O2 and CO sensors;
  • 180 millimetre basic flue gas probe;
  • International mains unit;
  • Durable carrying case;
  • Optional: Fast printer and thermal paper.
The testo 320 LX is ushering in the new age of flue gas analysis technology.The testo 320 LX comes with a five-year warranty, valid until April 30, 2018.

Testo 330-1/-2 LX

Billed as the professional flue gas analyser, these two tools are ideal for gas, oil and solid fuel systems. They operate similar to the testo 320 LX save for the additional EasyHeat application built to help with documentation, and the fact that both can store up to 500,000 measurement protocols.

Here’s a breakdown of the testo 330-1:

  • Comes with O2 and CO sensors, NO can be retrofit;
  • 180 mm basic flue gas probe;
  • Zero to 4,000 parts per million (ppm) measuring range;
  • Carrying case and international mains unit;
  • Optional: Fast printer and thermal paper.

This is where the 330-2 differs from its predecessor:

  • 180 mm modular flue gas probe;
  • H2-compensated CO sensor;
  • Zero to 30,000 ppm measuring range;
  • Can zero readings without removing probe.
The testo 330-2 LX has a measuring range of 30,000 ppm.The testo 330-2 LX offers more features than its predecessor.

Testo 330i LX

With its own smartphone app and operational on gas, oil and solid fuel systems, the testo 330i LX is the future of flue glas analyser technology. It features a measuring range of up to 30,000 ppm and a durable plastic housing that can handle any type of job. The set includes:

  • O2 and H2-compensated CO sensor (non-compensated set also available);
  • Modular flue gas probe;
  • International mains unit;
  • TestoFix probe mount;
  • Instrument carrying case.

The 60th anniversary celebration is running from now until the 30th of April, 2018. Customers are eligible for a five-year warranty on any of the aforementioned flue gas analyser sets, without a maintenance contract needed. Figure out which tool is right for you by comparing them.

Start 2018 off on the right foot with an investment that makes your day-to-day routine easier. Contact a Testo representative today for more information.

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