As a crucial component of any combined heat and power plants, regular testing and tuning of gas turbines is essential.

Accuracy reigns supreme in this type of work, both at high and low level gas concentrations. Without a reliable tool, operational efficiency of the entire plant can fall off track. With thousands of dollars on the line and the integrity of the equipment at stake, it's no wonder why so many technicians turn to the testo 350 multi-sensor gas analyser to be sure they've done the job right.

Obstacles ahead

Service engineers regularly run tuning and testing on gas turbines to evaluate whether the system is meeting the original equipment manufacturer's operating specifications, as well as emission value limits.

The testo 350 is ideal for regular emissions testing on gas turbines.The testo 350 is ideal for regular emissions testing on gas turbines.

Optimal performance can often be proved by assessing the relationship between exhaust gas and the combustion process; a delicate but volatile pair. Technicians may have to deal with either very low or very high concentrations of gas like NOX and carbon dioxide, as well as understand the oxygen content in the fuel mixture area.

Being able to gain flexibility in terms of measurement parameters without compromising on reliability or accuracy is paramount, as the readings can dictate the overall efficiency of the plant. Rather than use various methods to test each gas, many service engineers are opting to deploy convenient digital tools for regular testing.

Solution is here

The testo 350 gas analyser is a durable multi-sensor meter that allows for up to six simultaneous readings of the following gases:

  • Carbon and carbon dioxide.
  • Sulfur dioxide.
  • NOX.
  • Hydrogen sulfide.
  • Hydrocarbons.

Ideal for testing and tuning of gas turbines at combined heat and power plants, the testo 350 is housed in a rugged exterior case, but retains flexibility through its optional sensor inputs. The tool consists of two separate units; the control unit which handles emission measurement readings, as well as the analysis box for measuring emissions.

The testo 350 comes with a rugged exterior to handle the toughest work environments.The testo 350 comes with a rugged exterior to handle the toughest work environments.

The key to the popularity of the testo 350 is its ability to measure at both high and low concentrations of gases due to its highly accurate sensors, allowing technicians to shed the amount of tools they need to complete the job. Its pre-calibrated sensors can be ready to measure in just 30 seconds, boosting productivity and efficiency with ease.

With the efficiency of the plant on the line, service engineers need to be sure they have the right tools to carry out regular tuning and testing. Contact a Testo representative today for more information.

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