Digital thermometers are an incredibly valuable asset in the world of food safety. These reliable, carefully calibrated instruments provide near instantaneous readings in a precise format. Their portability, durability and readiness for use make them an efficient tool for tracking the temperature of food and ingredients.

A digital thermometer probe inserted into a protein.Digital thermometers are a crucial instrument for ensuring food safety.

What is a digital thermometer and how is it used in food safety?

A digital thermometer's most basic functions are twofold:

  1. Measure the temperature of a given object or item.
  2. Convert and display that measurement into an easily readable and understood number on a defined scale.

Digital thermometers can come in many forms, each of which has a specific application in the world of food safety. Instruments for measuring surface temperature directly and at a distance, as well as the internal temperature of solid and semi-solid media, are readily available from Testo.

Digital thermometers have a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. In food safety specifically, they're used in contexts ranging from production plants and storage facilities to individual restaurants and food-service businesses. Because maintaining a safe temperature is so crucial in every stage of the supply chain when it comes to food, there are many businesses that utilise these instruments for vital safety tasks on a near-constant basis.

Accurate, quickly visible readings are one of the largest benefits that come with using a digital thermometer. For accuracy, proper use is essential. The best way to ensure your digital thermometer provides an accurate reading is through careful review of the instructions that come with the instrument.

The digital thermometer will then provide a signal, such as a fixed temperature appearing on the readout screen, that the process is complete. Users can record the reading and then take appropriate action, such as adjusting the temperature at which the food or ingredient is being cooked, stored or pasteurised. In situations where the reading is within defined food safety parameters, especially in situations where the food is being cooked before being served to a customer or placed in a hot or cold holding area, no further action may be required.

Top digital thermometer options for food safety

Testo offers a range of effective solutions across the industry of food production and service. Specific subsectors of the industry that we offer instruments for include:

  • Food productionIncluding instruments for measuring temperature in pasteurisation, sterilisation and freeze-drying; temperature spot checks and monitoring; and cooking oil quality.
  • Bakers and butchersIncluding instruments for temperature spot checks and monitoring, as well as pH measurement.
  • Supermarkets and retail: Including solutions for all aspects of operations, such as checking the temperature of incoming and stored goods as well as in refrigerators and freezers, stocking fresh goods counters, and for monitoring safety and quality in freshly prepared foods.
  • Restaurants and catering: Including instruments for measuring the temperature of incoming and stored goods as well as in food preparation and service.
  • Cold chain: Including solutions for maintaining optimal temperature and humidity throughout the cold chain.

At Testo, we pride ourselves on offering effective, durable, consistent and useful instruments for monitoring food temperature and improving food safety outcomes. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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