Horticulture in Australia is a huge industry, employing over 55,000 people – primarily in rural and regional areas – according to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. With the growing and processing of an array of fruits and vegetables – from bananas, pineapples and mangoes in Queensland to potatoes in Tasmania – our vast landmass and immensely varied climate offers opportunities for many agribusinesses. 

One of the biggest challenges for our horticulture industry is transporting all of the produced goods from the farm to the supermarkets and stores where they are sold to the consumer. While the environment allows us to grow a lot of food, the heat can also play havoc with the quality of goods in transit. Thankfully, ensuring optimal conditions during transportation is possible with the testo Saveris 2 and WiFi data loggers,

The Saveris 2 system helps keep your produce fresh.The Saveris 2 system helps keep your produce fresh.

Supporting growth in horticulture

The quality of homegrown Australian produce is a key reason for the strength of the sector. According to Horti Daily, by 2021 the industry is expected to generate revenues of over $4 billion annually, a significant rise on the $3.6 billion seen in 2013-14. That continued growth is supported not just by the quality of the goods themselves, but the continued efficiency of the businesses that produce them.

"Managing costs, diversifying into export markets and continuing to look at potential business efficiencies will be extremely important to ensure that the broader industry can remain profitable long-term," says AUSVEG spokesperson Shaun Lindhe.

Ensuring optimal conditions during transportation is possible with the testo Saveris 2.

"Australia has a reputation as a world-leading producer of vegetables, and local growers can use this reputation to access international markets to sell their produce and increase the value of the entire industry."

As growers look to strengthen their position in the market both at home and abroad, having solutions to keep their products fresh over long distances is essential.

Maintaining quality with Testo

The Saveris 2 system allows horticulture and transport businesses to easily monitor the environmental conditions of their produce, whether in storage or in transit. WiFi data loggers in key locations track temperature and humidity levels in real time, notifying stakeholders if those readings move outside of prescribed limits.

Once a notification has been received over email or SMS, the necessary personnel can enact solutions to offset the chance of costly damage to produce. It's an effective means of ensuring that the quality of your goods remains intact right through the supply chain, reducing wastage and ensuring your fruits and vegetables are in the best possible condition for sale.

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