With the importance and potential risk to food products, pharmaceuticals and electronics travelling long distances across the world, it is important to know whether the products have been kept in the best conditions.

Fortunately for businesses in this situation, a start stop temperature logger is available. Described as the ‘blackbox’ for freight, businesses can have peace of mind when it comes to delivery, and be assured that the quality will always remain high.

It is vital to understand that should the cold chain be broken at any point, there can be quality deficits, financial losses or even serious damage to the health of the consumer or patient.

Here are three benefits to the start stop temperature logger:

1) Can be used in any situation

One of the great benefits of this type of device is that it’s small enough to monitor every step of the cold chain without getting in the way.

The loggers can travel on your behalf in freight and loading rooms, as well as checking and monitoring temperatures in the air, on the sea or via rail or road.

2) Instant data

A simple glance at the screen on delivery will reveal whether the limit has been exceeded. The logger can be set to pick up temperatures from every minute to every 24 hours and can capture 16,000 values over 90 days.

By connecting the logger via USB to your computer, you are receive and analyse a full PDF of relevant data. For those with NFC enabled smartphone, you can access the testo App for up-to-date information.

In addition to this, testo bundles your PDF measurement data, configuration file, calibration certificate and instruction manual into one logger.

3) Safe and secure

You can be safe in the knowledge that the testo 184 data loggers work securely without software installation or download.

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